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Qatar e-Visa Requirements

Now the Qatar online visa is available for those traveling to Qatar for tourism, transit, and business.

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Requirements for an online visa to Qatar

Qatar e-Visa requirements are conditions that all eligible nationals must satisfy to complete an application for an electronic visa to Qatar successfully.

As the application process is entirely online, travelers to Qatar must have a working device to fill out the form, a stable internet connection allowing them to finish the procedure without issues, online payment means to cover the fees, and an active email account to receive the approved Qatar e-Visa.

The Qatar online visa form also requires applicants to attach certain documents. The list of documents varies between different Qatar visa types, but a valid ordinary passport, applicant's face photo, and a return or onward ticket are obligatory for all visitors.

Applicants who know all the requirements for a Qatar online visa are more likely to complete the application process more speedily and ultimately get their Qatar e-Visa approved.

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Mandatory documents

Review the required documents for different types of a Qatar electronic visa:

Tourist electronic visa

  • an ordinary passport bio-data page
  • a face photo
  • a return/onward ticket


  • an ordinary passport bio-data page
  • a return/onward ticket
  • proof of accommodation booked via the official website of the Qatari government or the host's address
  • the applicant's current residence permit or visit visa to Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, or any of the Schengen Area countries

GCC residents visa

  • documents specifying the occupation of an applicant
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Additional requirements

To get a Qatar online visa, applicants must also have:

  • a working device - a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC
  • access to the internet - mobile/hardwired internet or Wi-Fi
  • a valid email address
  • debit/credit card or PayPal to complete the online payment
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Requirements on arrival

Upon arrival in Qatar, travelers will be checked by border officers. It is necessary to show them a valid passport and a Qatar e-Visa printout.

If the data on the passport changes or the passport expires, the online visa to Qatar becomes invalid, as it is electronically connected to the applicant's passport.


Qatar e-Visa processing time

Electronic visas to Qatar are usually processed within 5 working days. Still, applicants shouldn't wait until the last minute to apply, as delays happen, and the reasons behind that are various:

  • a large volume of applications waiting for processing
  • the information in the application form is incorrect or incomplete
  • there are technical issues at the moment

While you cannot control all of the factors, you are able to avoid mistakes and errors in the application form. Thoroughly double-check the data provided and ensure there are no blank fields.